Gigi Barcelona

The birth of Gigi Barcelona glasses dates back to 1962. In this year one of the first establishments in the heart of Barcelona was founded. The evolution of the brand sees the creation of frames for sunglasses and eyeglasses that are the result of authentic and consistent innovation. Each frame is produced by hand in every phase, to guarantee perfection in every detail. The quality of Gigi Barcelona glasses embodies the company's mission: to guarantee the comfort, functionality and durability of each model created. 

Gigi Barcelona – Ottica Giannetto

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Price €170.00

Gigi Barcelona Dalston, round eyeglasses in brown tortoiseshell acetate, with ivory pearl eyelashes, for a round model revisited in a modern key that gives it originality and light. The fit is comfortable and comfortable, perfect for one everyday.


Price €175.00

Gigi Barcelona Expect, square eyeglasses made of laminated acetate. Light and comfortable model, made special and elegant by the laminated colors that weave the burgundy and the yellow, with the internal contour of the white lenses. Slightly protruding noses.


Price €229.00

Gigi Barcelona Martha, oversized square eyeglasses. The structure is in gold-colored beta titanium, while the lens contour is in black acetate, also reproduced on the terminals. Very light and comfortable eyeglass frame, the view is wide and the fit extremely comfortable.