Contact Lenses - Ottica Giannetto

Within the Ottica Giannetto store, the qualified team assists the customer in choosing the best contact lenses and assists them in the application and maintenance phases of the same, especially on how to put contact lenses the first time. Inside the store, in fact, there is an area dedicated to the contact test, where the customer has the opportunity to be guided during the first application of the lenses and will be able to meet with the staff to meet their visual needs.

Ottica Giannetto, offers a wide range of types of contact lenses, precisely to meet the different needs and requirements of customers.

In the store it is possible to find soft, rigid or semi-rigid toric contact lenses with frequent replacement, ie: daily, weekly, monthly.

Furthermore, it is possible to find annual soft contact lenses: multifocal, presbio, cosmetics.

In addition to providing assistance and products that meet the most varied needs, from Ottica Giannetto it is possible to find a wide range of liquids and accessories for contact lenses.